Low Price Guarantee

How It Works


Save the URL

If you find a qualifying lower price from a designated online retailer, save their Web page URL.


Find Qualified Products

Qualifying products, on ACWholesalers.com, are marked with a Low Price Guarantee! badge, found on the product's description page, below the price block.


Call 1.866.631.6389

Once you find the product(s) you'd like to price match, contact our Customer Service Center and provide them the information so one of our team members can get started with the request right away.


Shop with Confidence

Our prices won't be beat... Guaranteed!

We strive to give our customers the best price and service possible. If you happen to find a better price on your product(s) up to 30 days after your purchase let us know - we will match the price of ANY online competitor.
Simply call our sales or customer service department at 866-631-6389 or 866-793-0323 and one of our agents will be happy to price match that product for you.

Low Price Guarantee Guidelines:

Products eligible for our Low Price Guarantee must have a published price and/or you have received a quotation from a competitor. The competitor must have that same product in stock and ready to ship. Low Price Guarantee requests are limited to one claim per product. The Low Price Guarantee cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon, holiday sales, project pricing offers, nor to auction sites, EBay, manufacturer's rebates, mail in rebate offers, closeouts, clearances, bulk quantity items, or typographical errors.

Products must be brand new, factory-sealed, of the same brand, style, model and SKU. Price adjustments will be calculated on the selling price of the item. Hvacstores.com reserves the right to consider any applicable tax and/or shipping charges when calculating the Low Price Guarantee price.

HVAC Stores Low Price Guarantee FAQs

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