Comfort-Aire 30,000 BTU 14.5 SEER Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner Item# 14181


Overview for Comfort-aire VMH30SB-1A VMH30SB-1B

Comfort-aire Ductless heating and cooling systems are a convenient, single or multi room solution for homes or offices that formerly relied on electric baseboard heaters in the winter and window air conditioning units in the summer. Comfort-Aire's V" Series mini-splits utilize inverter technology to reduce temperature fluctuations while saving up to 40% on energy consumption (compared to a standard mini-split). Basically the inverter allows the compressor to run at variable speeds to match the demand, providing precise temperature control. Most of the time the unit runs at a low economy" speed to maintain the temperature and humidity levels. During times of high demand, the compressor ramps up automatically to a higher speed. Inverter units reach SEER levels as high as 20 for real energy efficiency. All sizes are available in heat pump models, ranging from 9,000 to 24,000 BTUH. Mini-splits are the ideal solution for conditioning areas where adding ductwork is impractical or too expensive. This includes older homes, bedrooms, sunrooms, additions, office spaces, computer rooms, sports arena skyboxes, and interior warehouse offices, to name just a few. Mini-splits are easily installed with the condensing unit located outside and the air handler(s) mounted inside.Ductless heating and cooling systems have been around for over 30 years and are used widely throughout the world.